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Personal Finance Company

A personal finance company can be a few different things. There are many different facets of personal finance. For this reason, there are many different areas where a company my provide service.

Perhaps some of the most basic elements of personal finance are those involved in checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards. Investments, loans, retirement plans, and income tax matters are a few other things. A personal finance company can offer any of a number of services which aid in these matters. They can help you through a broad range of financial items, from finding a low interest credit card to buying your first home.

In the United States, the term personal finance company can refer to a personal holding company. This is defined in the International Revenue Code by meeting two different requirements. The first is that a minimum of 60% of the corporation's adjusted ordinary gross income comes from dividends, royalties, interest, and rent. The other quality is that more than half of its outstanding stock is owned directly or indirectly by less than six people at any point during the last half of the tax year.

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